Can You See Through Roller Blinds At Night?

Visibility through roller blinds depends on which type of fabric you installed in the first place. Don’t get caught unawares. Learn more about the three types of roller blinds with Aushades. 

Blockout Roller Blinds for Full Privacy 

Blockout blinds are named for the fact that they block out every bit of light, without leakage into your room. This has a range of benefits, from privacy in the bedroom to keeping out the heat.  

In a country that’s been identified to have high levels of chronic lack of sleep, blinds that provide a dark place is critical to getting your full night’s rest. Your sleep is affected by light bleeding, whether or not you consciously notice the impact.  

In a modern Australian daily routine that’s dictated by alarm clocks rather than the sun cycle, it’s important to give your body clock some connection to natural rhythms, and give it the dark it desires. 

Light-Filtering Blinds for Natural Lighting 

Light-filtering or translucent blinds allow some natural light through, while offering partial privacy. It’s the middle option of the three. The idea is that the blinds let some light filter through, but you don’t have full visibility of the outdoors, just as no-one on the street has full visibility inside. This includes at nighttime, when you can pull the blinds down and people won’t be able to see into your home, whether or not you have the lights on inside; all they will be able to see is some shadow. 

Screen Roller Blinds for Ambient Light 

With screen roller blinds, during the day you will be able to see out clearly, while no-one can peer in. During the night is a different story. If you have a light on inside, though you can’t see through the blinds, people on the street will be able to see in. If there are no lights on, no-one will be able to see in or during at nighttime.  

Screen roller blinds are designed for optimal lighting and privacy during the day, so they are suited for open spaces such as living rooms, not private spaces such as bedrooms. 

Combine for Double Roller Blinds 

Can’t decide? Choose the double roller blind instead. This combines a blockout roller blind with a screen roller blind, on the same bracket.  

You can lower the blockout for privacy and dark during the night, but use only the screen for privacy with visibility during the day. This second roller blind lets the sunlight come streaming in to enjoy in your bedroom, while still keeping out the harshest heat of the day and giving some privacy, so it has a measured benefit over having nothing at all. 

The Perfect Solution for Your Home 

Choosing the right roller blinds is about using the blinds as they’re designed. For the experts’ opinion, call Aushades for your free measure and quote.

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