Outdoor Solutions

Enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with our range of stylish, robust and energy efficient awnings. Choose from Cable Guide, Straight Drop, Side Retention System and Pivot Arm.

Straight Drop


Cable Guide


Side Retention System


Alpha Awning

Click here to view the Alpha Awning Series Brochure.


Roller Shutters


Roller Shutters can reduce the summer heat entering your home by up to 90% and reduce heat loss during winter by up to 70%. This ultimately helps you save money on the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Roller Shutters also are fantastic for reducing noise levels by up to 50% giving your home a much quieter and comfortable living environment.

Home security is a big concern these days. Roller Shutters are a very strong deterrent for any intruder once fully closed.

In case of a fire we have you covered. We are able to install a wireless system that will automatically open your roller shutters in the event of a fire, helping to protect you and your family.

There are many control options available for your roller shutters to suits your needs and budget.

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