Roller Blinds

Custom Roller Blinds for Your Home in Perth

Great to look at, flexible, and easy to operate, roller blinds fit closely to your window and offer simple lines and a sleek look. Boasting a sunscreen/light filtering blind for daytime and block out blind feature for when privacy is required, double roller blinds offer the best of both worlds.

Aushades offers a variety of roller blinds in a range of colours and designs manufactured from the highest-quality materials in Perth. Our roller blinds represent a crossroads between modern design and functional innovation.

To explore our selection of roller blinds, visit our showroom in Perth or call our team on 0402 123 711.

Energy Efficient Window Furnishings

Roller blinds are one of the most energy efficient window furnishings available, doing a great job at managing the heat and light in your home. They can either completely filter the light from your home or let it in during the wintertime.

Double Roller Blinds Offer More Durability

In addition to normal roller blinds, we also offer a double roller blinds option, which are even more versatile, durable, and energy efficient. This involves using two layers of the roller blind fabric to create a thicker shield to block out light, heat, and improve privacy. The first layer is the block out layer, which works to insulate your home and, keeping the heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer. The second layer is the fabric layer, which control the amount of light that comes into your home.

Easy Operation

Our roller blinds can be operated manually with the standard chain drive or motorized. The rechargeable wirefree battery motor is convenient as no electrician is required or 240v option is available. Control up to 15 blinds on the one remote. Connect to a WiFi hub, which will allow you to control the blinds, set timers and operate from anywhere in the

Modern Design

For window furnishings that meet the standard for modern interior design and functionality, roller blinds offer the best of both worlds. Their sophisticated structure adds a touch of elegance to any room, while they work behind the scenes to control the temperature and privacy in your home.

To schedule a measure and request a free quote for your roller blinds, call us on 0402 123 711.

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