Roman Blinds


Custom Roman Blinds for Your Home in Perth

Roman shades are a timeless classic, offering softness at the window, unlike other hard window coverings such as wood blinds. Simple and elegant, Roman blinds offer a clean design and ease of use that works well for any interior space. Aushades offers custom fitted Roman blinds to ensure they fit right into your home.

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What Are Roman Blinds?

Roman shades are designed with a simple fabric, which lends to great flexibility when it comes to choosing a colour and style to match your interior. They feature a bottom rail to secure against your windowsill for upmost privacy and insulation. At Aushades, we create our Roman blinds with the highest quality fabrics to exude luxury and optimum functionality.

Best Blinds for Privacy in Your Home

Since Roman blinds are made with fabric instead of slats, they are perfect people who want more privacy in their homes. It’s easy to raise and lower the blinds to control when you want visibility and when you want to block it out. As long as the blinds are lowered, people and light can’t see inside.

Control the Light in Your Home

Roman blinds easily fold up and down, giving you complete control of the light in your home. Raise the blinds at various heights to trap heat or keep it out. Roman shades pair nicely with other window coverings to completely block out the light. For example, you can combine exterior shutters with interior Roman shades for a complete block out in specific rooms.

Customise Your Roman Blinds

It’s easy to make your Roman blinds fit your room and style with Aushades’ extensive list of customisable features and options. Here are some of the features you can enjoy:

  • Selection of quality fabrics, colours, and styles
  • Light filtering fabrics
  • Timber battens
  • Style for classic and modern interiors
  • Easy control

To learn more about our selection of Roman blinds or to request a quote on your installation, contact us on 0402 123 711.


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