Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds Designed for Your Home in Perth

Vertical blinds are one of Aushades’ most practical options. They can add a touch of class and glamour to the home without costing you a fortune. They’re often the most inexpensive way of decorating your window at home. Made from quality material and fitted to your window frame, Aushades guarantees you’ll love the simple design of our verticals. Get the most functionality out of a simple design.

Practical and Versatile Window Furnishing

Vertical blinds offer a crisp, sleek, simple finish to your windows and doors. Without any bells and whistles, these blinds are perfect for someone on a budget or who doesn’t want their window furnishings to be the talk of their home. Verticals are an economical choice for nearly any interior style.

To learn more about Aushades’ vertical blinds, contact us on 0402 123 711 or come visit our showroom in Perth.

Functional Vertical Design

Vertical blinds are the perfect blend between a blind and a curtain. The panels can be pulled completely closed for privacy, all pulled to one side, or pulled to either side to reveal the light outside. As such, vertical blinds are the preferred window furnishings for French doors and sliding glass doors because they are easy to open and close to get outside.

Ease of Use

Aushades’ vertical blinds are made to measure for your home and installed on a quality tracking system to ensure they are easy to open and close. We have hundreds of colours to choose from so your vertical blinds will blend right into your current interior. Vertical blinds are easy to maintain, clean, and replace.


Due to the simple design and ease of use, vertical blinds are not only great for the home but also for offices and other rooms too. In the office, these blinds provide privacy and insulation without a big price tag. You can also use vertical blinds as a flexible room divider instead of paying to knock down or install a wall.

To learn more about our vertical blinds selection, call our friendly team on 0402 123 711.

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